Aleksei Saks

Aleksei Saks is a musician, producer and composer from Estonia.

After completing his Classical studies at the Estonian Music Academy, Aleksei played with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, the Latvian Chamber Orchestra and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra as both a member of the orchestras and soloist in performances of works by such noted composers as Arvo Pärt.

Alongside his Classical work, as part of the Estonian Dream Big Band, Aleksei collaborated with Jazz luminaries such as the New York Voices, Frank Foster, Dennis Rowland, Randy Brecker, Elaine Delmar, Lew Soloff, Freddy Cole and others.

He has worked as a producer on several albums, including his first solo Jazz record, O Grande Amor (2002), which was nominated for an Estonian Grammy.

Since 2007, Aleksei has worked with guitarist Robert Jürjendal in UMA, a band who have combined Aleksei’s interests in Classical, Jazz and Ambient music.

Aleksei Saks on Myspace


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