Towards the Shore (Edit)


Tim Bowness – Vocal
Peter Chilvers – Piano, Synthesizers
Robert Jürjendal – Guitar
Aleksei Saks – Trumpet


Tony Levin – Chapman Stick, Bass

Written by Tim Bowness and Brian Hulse

Filmed, Edited and Directed by Dion Johnson

Special Thanks to Remy Bataille, Joanne Johnson, Anna Dolling, Michael Dolling

Director’s Notes

It was an absolute joy filming, editing and directing this music video for two artists (Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers) who I have enjoyed and respected for so many years.
My good friend Peter Chilvers (whom I met while living in Cambridgeshire) asked if I would be interested in producing a music video for his and Tim’s new project, Slow Electric. It is probably one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. Peter played me the track at a meet up in Cambridge, and I was immediately inspired by some images/ideas for it. Upon first listen, it was a very haunting track, which evoked a timeless melancholy, touching on themes of death and romance while retaining a distinctly English feel. A lovely song which certainly touched a primordial nerve.
The band were fantastic to work with. I suggested the idea of some slow moving shots travelling up behind people stood still, but never revealing their faces. Peter liked this and so it went from there.
It was shot entirely with my Nikon D7000 DSLR camera at 1080p 24fps (24 frames per second), and this music video was it’s first proper project.

I filmed it over four weekends in Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Thankfully my wife, some close friends and relatives were willing to lend their “souls” to the video. Once happy with the rushes, I spent just over a week sifting and then grading the footage. I then worked on editing and tweaking the final cut over the following three evenings.
I met up with Peter at a café close to where I work in Cambridge. Armed with my MacBook Pro and a pair of AKG headphones, I nervously watched him view it.
It was met with immediate approval and went online within the next few days.

This has been a very enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding project for me.

Dion Johnson,


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